Principles of Molecular Regulation

Principles of Molecular Regulation
Humana Pressr | ISBN: 0896036308 | Edition - 2000-08-15 | PDF | 474 pages | 13.3 Mb

P. Michael Conn and Anthony Means have successfully assembled a panel of leading investigators to provide an integrated review of the key areas-membrane receptor-initiated cell signaling and nuclear-receptor initiated gene regulation. Chosen for the excellence of their research, these distinguished authors illuminate the molecular machinery underlying the regulatory processes of cells. In addition to their comprehensive review of the signaling mechanisms involving cell surface receptors, nuclear receptors, and ion channels, they detail the roles of calcium, lipids, cyclic AMP, protein kinases, and protein phosphatases. Capturing the excitement now present at this vibrant union of molecular biology, cell biology, and endocrinology, Principles of Molecular Regulation constitutes a major new resource for understanding the many and complex elements of biological regulation. Its up-to-date critical synthesis is certain to prove of high value to all basic and clinical investigators working with these processes today.


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