Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Plant-Pathogen Interactions
Humana Press | 283 pages | 2006-11-22 | ISBN: 158829448X | PDF | 1.71MB
Plant-Pathogen Interactions: Methods and Protocols provides key methods, approaches, and strategies to dissect the plant defense response. Addressing methods to identify and characterize plant resistance genes as well as pathogen-associated molecules that trigger the plant defense response, this volume creates a better understanding of the interactions between pathogens and their hosts, which will help to develop better methods for disease control in plants and animals. Plant-Pathogen Interactions: Methods and Protocols reviews methods for engineering resistance to plant viruses, the utility of viral induced gene silencing and RNAi silencing, as well as advances in genomics and proteomics that have lead to new methods to identify genes and proteins. The protocols presented follow the successful Methods in Molecular Biology™ series format, each one offering step-by-step laboratory instructions, an introduction outlining the principle behind the technique, lists of equipment and reagents, and tips on troubleshooting and the avoidance of known pitfalls.


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