Glycovirology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 379)

Glycovirology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 379)
Humana Press | 1588295907 | Edition - 2007 | PDF | 205 pages | 1.73 MB | Rapidshare & Megaupload

This volume reviews the increasing importance of glycosylation to the field of virology, as well as virus replication. The chapters provide an overview of glycosylation in relation to virus infection, and the generic techniques that are used to analyze and characterize glycoproteins.

Among the topics discussed in this volume are M.E. interaction between respiratory syncytial virus and glycosaminoglycans, acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3a protein, the C type lectins DC-SIGN and L-SIGN, N-linked glycans, and the use of two-dimensional SDS-PAGE to analyze the glycosylation heterogeneity of the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein. Also covered in this volume are uses of monoclonal antibodies and lectins, the spike glycoprotein, secretion of respiratory syncytial vius F protein from insect cells, the expression and characterization of recombinant dengue virus E protein, and cloning, expression, and a functional analysis of patient-derived hepatitis C virus glycoproteins.

The information presented in Glycovirology Protocols will provide insight as to how the techniques of glycobiology can be applied in virology and answer most questions that are of interest to the reader.