Fractals in Molecular Biophysics

T. Gregory Dewey, "Fractals in Molecular Biophysics"
Oxford University Press | ISBN: 0195084470 | 1 edition (January 15, 1998) | PDF | 288 pages | 13973 KB

Historically, science has sought to reduce complex problems to their simplest components, but more recently it has recognized the merit of studying complex phenomena in situ. Fractal geometry is one such appealing approach, and this book discusses its application to complex problems in molecular biophysics. The book provides a detailed, unified treatment of fractal aspects of protein and structure dynamics, fractal reaction kinetics in biochemical systems, sequence correlations in DNA and proteins, and descriptors of chaos in enzymatic systems. In an area that has been slow to acknowledge the use of fractals, this is an important addition to the literature, offering a glimpse of the wealth of possible applications to complex problems.