"Food Microbiology Protocols (Methods in Biotechnology)

John F. T. Spencer, Alicia L. Ragout de Spencer, "Food Microbiology Protocols (Methods in Biotechnology)"
Humana Press; 1st edition | ISBN: 089603867X | 512 pages | PDF | 3,4 Mb
Expert laboratorians present a wide ranging set of detailed techniques for investigating the nature, products, and extent of the microorganisms involved in the manufacture and spoilage of foodstuff. The methods cover pathogenic organisms that cause spoilage, microorganisms in fermented foods, and microorganisms producing metabolites that affect the flavor or nutritive value of foods. Included in the section dealing with fermented foods are procedures for the maintenance of lactic acid bacteria, the isolation of plasmid and genomic DNA from species Lactobacillus, and the determination of proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria. A substantial number of chapters are devoted to yeasts, their use in food and beverage production, and techniques for improving industrially important strains. Comprehensive and timely, Food Microbiology Protocols is a gold-standard collection of readily reproducible techniques essential for the study of the wide variety of microorganisms involved in food production, quality, storage, and preservation today.