Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy

Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing | Language: English | ISBN:1845690362 | 544 pages | Data: 2007 | PDF | 2.8 Mb

Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy are emerging technologies which will make a significant impact on the future of medicine and healthcare. However, research within the field is vast. This unique book provides a comprehensive study of the most recent advances in the field and its practical applications.

The first part of the book offers the reader an introduction to the basics of artificial cell technology with chapters on its origins, design, current status within medicine and future prospects. Part 2 covers apoptosis, the use of bone marrow stromal cells in myocardial regeneration together with signalling and tissue engineering. Part 3 discusses artificial cells for therapy, procedures for various clinical conditions and the current status of the discipline within the field. The book concludes with a final section on the role of artificial cells in medicine with particular focus on the use of artificial cells as blood substitutes and their potential use in myocardial regeneration, drug delivery and in treating kidney and bowel diseases, diabetes and cancer.
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